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Welcome to Hobsons Brewery, Shropshire's sustainable brewer and creator of award winning beers. Dedicated to an ethos of using the finest locally sourced ingredients teamed with sustainable technologies has produced a range of CAMRA award winning cask ale and bottled beers, enjoyed locally and now available to buy online...

Shropshire Breweries

Despite the rise of mega-breweries over the last few decades and the homogenous lager they are notorious for, there are still a number of independent firms around Great Britain that produce cask-conditioned ales of character using traditional methods and knowledge that have been handed down over the centuries. Our company is one of these and in addition to our commitment to producing top quality beers, we are also dedicated to implementing eco-friendly policies to help reduce our carbon footprint. Since our inception in 1993, we have grown rapidly and our beers have won many awards, including the prestigious CAMRA Beer of Britain for our popular Hobsons Mild.

Owing to growing national demand, we made the decision to make our products available to people all over the United Kingdom through an online store in addition to meeting our initial goal of supplying local hostelries with the very best Shropshire beer. Although the success we have enjoyed has put us on the map as a force to be reckoned with, we are essentially a local company and maintain strong links with the community by supporting local initiatives and sporting organisations. This is something we intend to continue doing in the years ahead.

Our Range

Made from the finest locally sourced ingredients, our range of beers includes a rich ruby porter, the original Hobsons Best Bitter and the aforementioned award winning dark mild. Four more ales of differing character and strength round out the collection and ensure that there is something for all palates. To help those that are new to our products we have included tasting notes with each beer featured on the site, as well as a couple of suggestions concerning food that can be enjoyed with each one. Retail customers shopping online will find that some of the beers produced in our Shropshire brewery are available in 10 litre polypins, some are sold in bottles and some can be bought in either type of container.

Trade customers are invited to contact us on the telephone number provided to discuss their requirements and can be assured that we will do everything in our power to provide them with what they need. For people that appreciate a strong premium ale we can heartily recommend the 5.2% Old Henry with its complex malty flavours and hoppy finish or for those that prefer something light and refreshing, our latest creation, Twisted Spire, may be more suitable.


As touched upon earlier, one of our main goals is to use sustainable technologies in order to minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment. To this end, we installed a rainwater harvesting system at our barrel and bottle store and a wind turbine. Shropshire breweries are already renowned for producing some of the best real ales in the country and in addition to making our own contribution in this area we are determined to ensure that they are also recognised for leading the way in the introduction of environmentally friendly technology into the brewing process.


The turbine that we have installed provides roughly a third of the power needed by our entire operation and our ground source heat pump utilises natural energy to keep our bottle conditioning room and cold store at the right temperatures. We believe that we can help to show other companies the way forward with the implementation of such policies and it is an area that we are keen to invest in on an ongoing basis. With regard to our products, we believe that they speak for themselves and will ensure a sustainable demand across the country for our premium quality Shropshire beer.

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