** Delivery Service in relation to COVID-19 - POLYPINS **

Hobsons Brewery are receiving a high volume of online orders, in response to this we are now shipping deliveries every day (Monday to Friday). We endeavour to deliver your order in 2-3 working days, but due to increased demand there may be some short delays in getting your anticipated beers, so please bear with us. We're doing our utmost to provide a good service whilst protecting our staff, with a reduced work force, in conjunction with a stretched courier (Fedex). Full tracking information will be provided following your order, please use this information provided by Fedex. Thank you.

Common FAQ's:

What is a polypin? A polypin of beer sometimes termed a 'bag in box' is a beer container consisting of a plastic bag in a rigid cardboard box, and a dispensing tap. The polypins are prepared with fresh beer without sediment, termed “bright” or “re-racked”.

What beer and how many pints can I order? We sell two sizes of polypins 10 litres = approx 18 pints and 20 litres = approx 36 pints. You can order Champion Mild, Twisted Spire, Best Bitter, Shrop Star, Old Prickly and Town Crier.

How long do polypins last? 7-10 days unopened, once opened we recommend 2-3 days to enjoy the beer at its best.

How do I set up a polypin? Full instructions on how to correctly dispense from your polypin can be found on the box. The beer does not require a period of settling when delivered and can be drunk straight away, however we do recommend it be stored somewhere cool.

When should I order a polypin to drink at the weekend? We would recommend ordering your polypin before midnight on Tuesday, we would dispatch Wednesday or Thursday for Friday delivery.

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